Huck-Fin Environmental Education is committed to providing students an incentive program, which encourages them to attain a high level of academic excellence.  



·   HUCK-FIN is a 501-C3 non-profit organization, which teaches Environmental Education through fishing in schools and communities throughout San Diego County.

·   HUCK-FIN has been working with the Sweetwater Union High School District for over 15years and San Diego County Parks and Recreation for 13 years.

·   HUCK-FIN is K-12, focusing on Middle/Jr. High and High school age boys and girls.

·   HUCK-FIN takes youths on field trips to our own private HUCK-FIN Lake, in addition to trips on professional charter boats on the Pacific Ocean.

·   HUCK-FIN teaches youths the responsibility they owe to their Environment.

·   HUCK-FIN currently reaches over 2,000 kids a year, giving them opportunity and direction.



·   HUCK-FIN gives educators and students a common interest to share and enjoy, giving the teachers the edge.

·   HUCK-FIN can be used as a positive leverage point for administrators and teachers adding control and incentive.

·   Administrators and teachers refer At Risk Kids” to HUCK-FIN.

·   HUCK-FIN gives students that don’t normally fit in popular social circles, (sports, student government, etc.), a niche at school.

·   HUCK-FIN students are required to turn in a permission slip from their Parents, Teachers, and involved school staff before each field trip, consequently, raising their grade and attendance.

·   HUCK-FIN helps kids stay in school by giving them an alternative to drugs and other negative influences.

·   HUCK-FIN gives hands on, real life application to classroom teachings. HUCK-FIN puts educators and students in a new and fun environment that they may not otherwise have an opportunity to experience.

·   HUCK-FIN has an annual district wide Tournament of Champions”. Girls and boys from each school compete for prizes and trophies.

·   HUCK-FIN follows the tournament with the annual Banquet of Champions” for all HUCK-FIN teachers, school champion’s, their parents, and school principals.

·   HUCK-FIN has also held the now famous HUCK-FIN Fish Fry’s for some special events. Students learn about good nutrition including “How to Cook Your Catch”.

·   HUCK-FIN builds self-esteem, friendships, teamwork, and teaches the life long sport of fishing.